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Taking a Break from Tech

Working in the tech industry can be incredibly taxing. It’s tough to sit at a computer all day in an office chair, day after day. There’s the lengthy commute to

Web Design

Search Optimization is the Key to Success

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an industry in itself, and is a required service for any business that wants to get ahead of the pack. SEO is the process of

Web Design

What to Know When Choosing a Logo Designer

Your logo should represent your business well, and choosing someone to design that logo is an important process. What questions can you ask to make sure that you choose the


Easy Ways for Every Mom to Revitalize

Being a Mom is a full-time job and one that I love more than anything in the world. However, unlike all other jobs, I don’t get an allotment of vacation


A brief introduction to the “AICTE”

This was constituted in the year of 1945, being a body of advisory in all matters relating to the technical education system, aicte has gained popularity around the world. Even