A Preliminary Response to Technology (Part 3 of the Series)

A Preliminary Response to Technology (Part 3 of the Series)

I embrace new technology and obtain looking forward to the options. But I am quickly becoming overloaded by the quantity of new terms I have to understand and don’t forget. The most recent trend is much more frightening since it does not involve any words whatsoever. It’s using acronyms or initials for nearly every facet of the electronic age. Obviously we are all accustomed to using URL’s and us dot coms on the internet or internet. Starting with World wide web inside a phrase is second character. We are able to Google a title and appearance email easily. A lot of us connect our USB’s to the CPU’s or Firewire our HD’s or connect MP3’s. Talking about cables, we’re now also using MIDI’s, DVI’s, HDMI’s, S-Video’s, RGB’s, HDTV’s and that is only for video and audio. Exactly how should we maintain that?

Returning to computer, the very best search phrases include SSL, Search engine optimization. Proxy, Active X, IP addresses, ODBC, EDI, DNS, RAID, BIOS, MPLS, latency, SSID, and PPC. Are you aware what each one of these means or means? Well, you need to and because nobody will really say “Uniform Resource Locator” for URL or “Domain Title Server” for DNS any longer. We toss around JAVA, IM. America online, Meta, Boot, ipod device, iTunes, HTML, http, bots, Texting, OS, PC, SCSI, MySql, Php, Simms, junk e-mail, and “i” and “e” everything, for example “e-commerce.” And that is just within the computer world.

Obviously we Fax, text, and click on. Many names have grown to be adjectives. We Google to look, PayPal to utilize a charge card online, Subscriber or out, Blog or phish or junk e-mail anything or anybody. We are happy with our RAM, bytes, mega-pixels, site hits, , and cyber-anything. But we constitute new words like emoticons, avatars, and flaming. Websites like Bebo and YouTube are actually symbolic of online journals and private videos.

My old telephone could be pathetic in comparison as to the my new mobile phone can perform. For instance, I’m able to Bluetooth and network with GPRS, Wireless LAN, EDGE, and Wi-fi compatability to achieve MSN, Goal, SMS, and MMS systems that let me connect with IM, IE, or Yahoo. Obviously I personally use a Sim for memory, require a PIN for access, and also have a COMM manager. Additionally, it includes a camera with 1.3 mega pixel. I set the entire factor up in the Compact disc that entered my DVD/Compact disc-ROM drive on my small iMac G4 1 ghz 1.5 gig ram computer with a10.4.8 OS. All of this on the phone that does not actually have a dial tone.

Like When i first stated, I like the advantages of our technological world and also have most of the latest devices. LCD tv’s in HD, DVD gamers, MP3’s, PDA’s, Faxes, CD’s, Caller ID’s, as well as an MDA. But I am discovering it harder to maintain the techno-jargon and also the latest terms. I did previously think about a bookmark as that thin paper strip accustomed to save my devote a magazine I had been reading through. Junk e-mail would be a make of pork-like meat. Bots were bugs. Fishing would be a hobby. Everything has transformed forever. As well as the initials are become confusing. HD accustomed to mean “hard disk,” before “high-definition” arrived. Is AAA battery power or perhaps an auto club? Is USA the network, the newspaper or perhaps a country? The word THE now means an organization known as Technology Horizons in Education. As you can tell, it never finishes, accept with this ARTICLE which means “Reply To Initials Creating Language Entropy” or, quite simply, total chaos. LOL.

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