Best cheap smart phones of 2016 in India

Best cheap smart phones of 2016 in India

Mobile Phones, particularly smart phones, have become a companion for most people these days. In such a scenario it is important to choose a perfect one for yourself. Also since technology keeps changing, it helps in buying a cheap phone which you can easily replace after some time.So if you are going through your regular spree of online shopping, here are 4 best cheap smartphones in India 2016-

  1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3-

This mobile phone is, by far, the best one available under Rs. 10,000. It comes in two versions- a 16GB version and a 32GB version. It has taken the smart phone industry by a storm and has become a highly popular model. For all those with a budget of ten thousand rupees, this phone is the right choice. The highlighting feature of this phone is its battery life. The phone works for 2 whole days continuously with a single charge. So with its impressive display and the battery life, the phone is perfect for gamers and movie lovers. It comes in 3 classy colours- gold, dark grey and white. The exterior of the phone is also as good as its features. It comes with an all round metal construction and offers a fingerprint sensor at the back.

  1. Meizu M3 Note-

The Meizu M3 Note offers an impressive storage capacity for a below Rs. 10,000 priced phone. It has an octa-core processor along with 3GB RAM and 32GB of Storage. Even the battery is quite massive at 4100mAh battery (this will easily survive a day with one full charge). The 13MP rear camera on the M3 Note is good enough considering that the storage and the battery more than make up for it.  It has a metal unibody which makes it a very attractive phone.

  1. Asus Zenfone Max (2016)-

This new addition to the Asus Zenfone series offers better performance when compared to the previous models. This is because of the up-gradation to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 SoC. This has made the Asus Zenfone Max much faster. The rest of the features remain the same like the 13MP rear camera and 5.5-inch display. The phone also continues to feature a massive 5000mAh battery which lasts for two days with a single charge.

  1. Coolpad Note 3 Lite-

This phone is similar to its previous version but it is cheaper. It still boasts of a fingerprint sensor and 3GB of RAM but it now falls under the seven thousand price limit. This makes the Coolpad Note 3 Lite, one of the best value for money smart phones. Its fingerprint scanner is quite accurate one. The quad-core smart phone has great performance as it can run Facebook or Candy Crush with equal ease. The battery life of this little phone is decent with about eight hours of on-time between charges.

These 4 mobile phones are definitely the craze right now. They are of high quality and within the budget range of most customers. These phones are worth a glance whilst you are online shopping. So if you are looking for a new handset, remember all the points above and make the right choice.

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