Here is why All Businesses must Build Citations

Here is why All Businesses must Build Citations

The internet has given both small and established businesses a level playing field for marketing and daily business operations. Standing out has consequently become harder, albeit getting that edge has also been shown to be more beneficial now than ever.

Local SEO has become entirely a new concept since 2015 when Google updated their local search algorithm. A survey that followed up the update, dubbed the Pigeon Update, showed that small businesses were the biggest winners of the changes with citations proving particularly pivotal.

So, what are local citations?

Local citations are websites or platforms that give online users information about local businesses. The platforms enable users to filter their searches down by state, city, business type, and name of company without asking for anything more than just typing the query in the search box. In words of one syllable, the sites serve as modern day Yellow Pages or business directories. Navads White Label Citation Building and similar expert platforms can help you determine the information to include in your citations.

The role of local citations in SEO marketing cannot be underestimated. Search engines crawl the websites and use the information they find to determine the relevance of listed websites in local searchers. From a certain perspective, you might say these directories are a good source of SEO backlinks as well.

Why are local citations important?

As stated above, local citations will always be central to any successful search engine optimization strategy. This is regardless of whether the citations provide a link to your website or not. The search engine will just pick the name, contact information, and address and try to identify the website that answers the description in the online directory.

Most of these directories are indexed and search engines trust them as a good source of information for websites’ local SEO. It is thus important to list your business website with established citation sites. Note that Google will still rank you whether or not users will go to these websites to search for information about your product or business. This is what makes citations important for SEO.

What to consider

The first thing to consider when building local citations for your business is to keep the information consistent across all citation sites. The address, contact information, and business name should be the same and updates should be made on all online directories. This is simply because the dissimilarities will confuse the search engines as they crawl the citation websites. The confusion may cause the search engines to display wrong information during random searches misleading potential customers.

In a nutshell, here is what you need to do when building local citations:

  • Determine the name your business will go with on all directories
  • Use an accurate address
  • Ensure your business telephone number has the local area code prefixed to it

The bottom line

Google strives to provide users with correct and quality information. Try focusing on high quality citation sites for a better chance of a more favorable local search ranking. Good ranking not only increases your online visibility but also gives you the edge on rivals from a credibility point of view.

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