How to use flash drives without the risk of data leaks:

How to use flash drives without the risk of data leaks:

Data at threat:

Be it Facebook, Snapchat etc. the goal isn’t to increase the reach of the audience, rather it is to make sure that our data stays safe for as long as possible. Many companies have been guilty of making use of our data without our consent. Later on, we’re told that these companies are sorry for their acts and wouldn’t repeat them. But what about the loss that has already taken place? Even so called USB drives, flash drives etc. are no longer safe unless we take some steps to prevent the data hacks. But these threats did not emerge only today.

Whether we look in the recent past, or go back two decades ago, we realize our data was never safe at all. Different types of data leaks are making the headlines every other day and the system in control seems to have no control at all. The recent news includes the problematic leaking of millions of users’ private data (by Facebook) along with the new GDPR, it is necessary for you to protect with them with dependable security. A recruitment company which handles thousands of job applications has stated a suspected data breach, which if confirmed would be among the first of such incidents since the GDPR came into force.

Attempts made to reduce the risk:

Tech giant, such as IBM made attempts to avoid the dreaded repercussion that can prevent any activity or infringing against GDPR. They have introduced a method (for their own employees) to reduce the risk of data theft, data loss and more. There was a time when the company banned its staff from using all portable/removable devices like SD cards, USB sticks, flash drives etc.

Response of the masses:

To such a decision, many users have praised it as USB drives do create a sense of terror that could finally result in data loss. It’s a piece of cake for any not-so-tech-savvy hacker to extract all the information from a USB drive and leave you with nothing.

How can you keep your company’s data safe?

But since not all companies are tech-giants, it isn’t necessary for them to take such high-end steps to achieve the needed security. A list of solutions are stated below that would enable you to be safe rather than being open to hackers, prying eyes etc.

Create awareness:

Most of the cases reported in the category of data losses occur due to the negligence. Many users consider the firewalls or antiviruses secure enough but this is where they’re wrong. While your surf the web, hundreds of virus enter your system without your approval. They wait for you to insert your flash drive and once you do that, they go inside your drive feeding on your private data. Hence, do educate them sitting idle isn’t a solution and to make sure your workers do not suffer, get them equipped with a software which is reliable.

Encrypt all devices:

Encrypting any device that may carries confidential information is a necessary step. If you are confused what is encryption? Than in simple words, it is a process of converting data into bits of information which is inaccessible to the unauthorized individuals.

Be aware of the devices you connect:

If someone wants to take away your life’s work, they won’t try to steal your laptop/PC rather, they would simply connect a USB drive and run away with all your research work. Hence, you must have control over who can connect to your PC to make sure nobody behind your back is able create a state of dilemma for you.

What’s up for grabbing?

To be precise, you need to get acquainted with a software whether it is a USB drive security tool program, because it’s worth it and we don’t really seem to have any other option.

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