Planning To Buy Your First DSLR Camera? Here Are Some Quick Tips!

Planning To Buy Your First DSLR Camera? Here Are Some Quick Tips!

With a wide range of options available in the market, how do you select your first DSLR camera? You can look up a starter option from Canon or can go for something in the mid-range like Nikon D5300, but before selecting, check the tips listed below.

  • Consider your use. Are you going to use the DSLR for just fun shooting or want to take professional videos and images? Keep the basic use in mind before considering and comparing the choices.
  • Set a budget. By now, you probably know that DSLR cameras come in all sorts of budget, and along with the camera, you may have to pay spend on few extra things, including additional batteries, lenses, filters, and a tripod. Bags and cases must be purchased too for extra protection. Thankfully, you will find a bunch of kits online, so check for the best deal.
  • Check the basics. First things first, don’t buy a DLSR that’s on the verge of being discontinued or has an upcoming update. Also, you need to check the camera’s Mega Pixel, often written as MP. Now, if you are just starting out, anything above 10MP is decent for your needs, unless you are ready to spend on Canon 5D Mark II.
  • Get acquainted with the terms. Consider learning more about terms like full frame sensor and RAW. These are related to higher end cameras, which is why we are not mentioning them in detail here. As you browse through more options, you will come across more choices, lenses and more.
  • For those who tend to travel a lot might also want to consider the size and camera weight. Let’s assume you are a new wildlife photographer, and expectedly, you cannot carry a lot of weight with you. Something like a Canon 1300D might suffice.
  • No matter whether you need the video function or not, anyone who is buying a DSLR should consider HD Video function. Most of the HD Video Cameras are designed to offer the perfect choice to shoot videos, so even if you don’t want one now, you can always use the advantage later.
  • Get your lenses. As you get ahead in your passion, you will need lenses, and this doesn’t mean you have to choose the same manufacturer. It is possible to buy a Nikon Lens for your Canon Camera, and to get things going, you just need to get the right adapter. You can find many blogs on how to choose lenses for your DSLR.

Finally, do check if the model is upgradable, because you don’t buy a DLSR every year, and you would want something that lasts. Check online now to find your options for the budget decided.

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