What is A Botnet?

A Botnet is an entire network of infected computers that can be controlled remotely. The goal of the infection is to force this remotely-controlled “host” computer to send spam or spread other viruses or even to stage full-force DDoS attacks.

Sometimes you might hear of this type of malware as a “zombie army,” named, of course, after the possessed, singularly-focused nature of the attack.  But while the result is somewhat passive, a Botnet is considered one of the most significant concerns because of the highly networked world in which we live today.

In order for your computer to become involved with botnet malware, it first needs to get infected by a type of malware that can contact a remote server or other networked computers, often with a Hikvision backdoor password.


A “botnet” is basically just a single piece of malware that has infected multiple machines in a network, and that means they are somewhat easy to identify. More than likely your IT department or your virus software is already going to be looking for the signs of malware on your computer (or any computer in the network). This is how you will find a botnet (and hopefully before it spreads too far).

The signs or symptoms of a botnet, then, are roughly the same as you would find with typical malware. This could include:

  • Slow computer
  • Lots of error messages
  • Missing registries
  • Fan running even when the computer is sleeping or idle
  • Pop windows
  • Strange web behavior


 Much like you would use malware removal or antivirus software to treat a computer which has a malware infection, you would also treat a computer in a botnet.  Basically you are going to want to, first of all, remove the infected computer from the network.  Second, you will want to treat that computer to remove the malware.  Obviously, then, you are going to want to do the same for every computer in the network which has been infected. Finally, you should install protections software on all computers in the network so this will not happen again.


The best way to “cure” a botnet—or any malware, really—is to avoid them in the first place.  As such, to prevent their infection you can start by being cautious about downloading anything from the web.  Only open attachments from email senders you trust and only download and install programs that you absolutely need.

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