Wired to Wireless – the ultimate Answer

Probably the most common questions we as consultants need to answer every day may be the distinction between wireless and wired systems. Allow me to summarize:

Wired: Basically the communication between two products via cables.

Wireless: the communication between two products without cables.

Now, one thing simple? Not quite, both ways of networking features its own benefits and drawbacks.

Wireless systems don’t use any kind of cable. The transmission of information (your files, music, printing towards the printer etc) happens over radio waves… much like cord-less phones or even the Wireless headset that included that snazzy contact you bought lately. The main benefit of getting a radio system is the mobility and freedom that is included with it. Furthermore, there’s less clutter and less wires to bother with. But, you sacrifice generally on speed and security.

Wired systems however have been in existence for a while now. Formally known today because the Ethernet, the cables usually connect these products using CAT5 cables. The rate and peace of mind in this are greatly enhanced. The most recent Ethernet hubs supports as much as 1000Mb/s or perhaps a gigabit/sec. that’s 10 occasions quicker than the broadly used 100 Megabytes/s router. Furthermore the total price of a wired network is gloomier, provides high end and security than wireless systems.

The selection is dependent in your daily activities. Wireless systems will not become mainstream in the near future at work conditions. But because home customers, wireless systems have grown to be the selection. Just a little sacrifice in speed or security like a residential user is minimal however for a company atmosphere – well, it might be another pastime… and, pretty detailed too.

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